Review: Daysoft Silk Contact Lenses


I’ve been wearing glasses for a very long time now, and although at first I hated it (I used to hide behind a tree before going into school as a kid, just to take my glasses off and hide them, and persisted despite not being able to see a thing), however I grew to love it over the years. I love picking out stylish frames and making them part of my outfit. However, there are often occasions when glasses aren’t ideal, whether it’s going to the gym or a fitness class, going to a gig, or a big event where you want to show your eye make up off. As a result of that, I’ve been wearing lenses on and off for about 9 years now, and I’ve done them all. Monthly, coloured, two weeklies, dailies, and I’ve come to learn the pros and cons of each. At this point, however, I prefer sticking to dailies, as I don’t wear lenses on a daily basis, so it’s handy to have ones I can dispose of at the end of the day.

I’ve worn the Acuvue TruEye and Define lenses the most, as they were the most comfortable (with monthlies and two weeklies, I found they dried up in my eyes a lot faster and I would start getting discomfort after just a few hours). Whilst transitioning to a more compassionate and eco-friendly lifestyle, contacts weren’t ever something I thought twice about, however I’ve stumbled across many people raving about Daysoft lenses on various Vegan forums. They were supposed to be the go-to cruelty free and environmentally friendly contacts brand out there. So I decided to investigate.

The first thing I noticed upon visiting the Daysoft website was that they retail for £5.99 per box of 32 lenses, which is incredible, considering a box of 30 lenses from Acuvue ranges from £14.75 to £20. You also get other brands, however those are usually at least £9 per box of 30. I was immediately won over, and although you have to order a minimum of 2 boxes, it still worked out really cheap! With a £1 delivery fee, I ended up spending £12.98 for 32 pairs of lenses, which would last me well over a month, considering I don’t wear them on a daily basis. What you do have to remember, however, is that you will need to have a valid eye test, but some of you may have the opportunity to get a free eye test from Specsavers or Vision Express. If you’ve never worn lenses before, I do suggest you go through a free contact lens trial at Specsavers or Vision Express as well, as then you will figure out if contact lenses are right for you, without spending money and wasting loads of contact lenses.

So, enough blabbering about how cheap they are, lets move on. The lenses arrived just 3 days later, which I was very chuffed with. They arrived in a very small box, about the size of a CD case, which I was really surprised about, wondering how the hell they’ve managed to fit 64 lenses in there! And well, when I opened them up I was even more pleasantly surprised. Instead of being individually packaged, they came in a sheet, which you could then tear apart into rows. At first I was a bit worried that they’ll be more difficult to open, as there’s nothing to really pull and the little cups were tiny, however after trying my first pair I found it very easy, and the instructions it came with made it super clear. Being so compact, they’re also great for travelling, as they won’t take up too much space in your bag, and can easily be taken in your carry on as well.

But how did they perform? I’m not going to lie, considering they were this cheap, I was a bit skeptical whether they will be as good as Acuvue in terms of being really comfortable to wear. I put on a pair at 9 in the morning the day they arrived, on a very very hot day, and if any of you have worn contacts before, you will know that hot weather is just the worst, it makes your eyes and your contacts dry out, your eyes start itching and after going through a bottle of eye drops you eventually give up and swap back to your glasses. To my surprise, I managed to wear them for about 14 hours until night time, and I didn’t even notice I had them in after popping them on. The next day I once again put them in at 9 in the morning and have been out all day in the heat, with no signs of even mild discomfort, I forgot I had them in until bedtime. This is something that I never experienced with more expensive brands of contacts.

So, as you can see, not only are Daysoft lenses vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly and very cheap, they are also incredibly comfortable. After trying out immense amounts of contact lenses, often struggling to find ones that don’t cause discomfort, but also don’t break the bank, I had almost given up, however Daysoft came along like an angel in disguise. If you’re currently a contact lens wearer, paying £30+ for dailies, or compromising for two-weeklies or monthlies to be able to afford lenses, but struggling with their harshness, I really really suggest you try out Daysoft. You’d be doing yourself, your bank balance, the animals and the planet a massive favour!

Get your contacts here!

I really hope you’ve found this review helpful! Do you wear contact lenses or have been thinking about trying them out? What are your thoughts on Daysoft lenses? Let me know!

Thank you and goodnight!

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