Ethletic Sneakers: Unboxing and Mini Review.


As the weather has been warming up, I decided to crawl out of my Docs and into a pair of sneakers. Normally, I would have picked up a pair of Converse or Vans, however I decided to opt for something more ethical this time. I’ve heard about Ethletic several times, and decided to look into the company, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The great thing about Ethletic is that all the materials they use to make their sneakers are sustainably sourced, fair trade and vegan, while the workers employed to make them are paid double the minimum wage. Additionally, they use raw materials from farming areas that don’t compromise the animal habitat through monocultures and overexploitation (Source). If you’re interested in reading more about the company’s ethics, head over to their about page, which goes into great depth about the materials and production.

So, let’s get into the sneakers now.


The shoes came in a small and simple cardboard box, which I thought was great, as packaging can often be bulky and wasteful, whereas this can go straight into the recycling bin.


Upon opening the box, I was happy to see that there wasn’t a load of scrunched up paper poking out of the shoes, and they were tagged with a small tag, which, once again, was a breath of fresh air. Nothing unnecessary, just the plain ol’ shoes.


I was worried these sneakers would feel ‘cheap’ in comparison to Converse sneakers, however they look and feel practically identical to Converse, which I was pleased with. Upon inspection they look very well made, and should last a long time.


Another thing I was very chuffed with was the insole. As opposed to most other sneakers which all have a flat insole, these are sculpted to the shape of a foot, which makes them a hell of a lot more comfortable to wear and walk around in all day.

Overall, I was extremely pleased when I unboxed and tried on the Ethletic sneakers. I purchased mine from Ethical Wares for £49.96. You can also get them in different colours, as well as in a high-top style, a slip-on style and a ballerina style, which are available at Ethical Superstore.

The only thing that bothered me was that when I was researching them before purchasing, I struggled to find any photographs of them being worn, or from different angles other than those provided by shopping websites, taken for the purpose of selling them. So, below I will include photos of them from different angles and being worn, to give you a better idea of what they look like if you’re thinking of picking up a pair for yourself.

I hope you’ve found this mini review useful, let me know what you think and if you’ve got a pair of Ethletic sneakers you love!

Thank you and goodnight!

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.06.52


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